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During one year research (2004-2005), I analyzed closely the relationship between fashion and technology and how much the two merged together in those past years. I realized that technologies have assumed a lot of different valences from our society after haven’t found a stabile position. They entered in a strong conflict between aesthetic-apparel and ethic perception of our body where high tech is strictly connected with life style. We are living in an era where digital-gadgets are toys but at the same time useful instruments and communication tools. Technology is generating our generation. These new concepts need to have strong technical functions and at the same time a good emotional performance, which has to include all our senses and human needs to make them successful.“Intelligent equipment” is the result of my study, where the user is not only meeting technology and turning into “cyber men” but is finding humanity to the technology that he chooses.
Melody is a stereo earphones system, which includes a jewel, where you can connect three different external products like a mp3 player or a mobile phone. Melody is constitued from a bracelet and an earring. The earring is composed from a real earpiece and from a pendant, with inside the Bluetooth- system. You can use it at the same time with other products. The earphone and the pendant are made in glossy and satined silver with some diamants “diamond cut” as a Led. The bracelet has a display where you can read the name of song if you are listening music or the mobile numbers if you’re calling someone or if you are reciving. The bracelet has some buttons to control de system; the bracelet is made in glossy and satined silver with a diamant “diamond cut” as a Led. Melody creates something like a PAN (personal area network) on our body, with the connection of peripherals which we normally carry ourselves nearby.

Year / 2005
Model / silver, zircons, goat leather
Master Degree at Politecnico di Milano, supervisor Annalisa Dominoni

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