The society in recent years has made new types of households that involve a transformation of all those conviviality activities. La seconda stella table is designed for make the preparation of food a stimulus to socialize, a kind of preview of the  “dinner”. The table, designed in solid beech or ash with dark finish, can be used as a dining table (when closed) or as a kitchen table (when unfolded) with three distinct zones (cutting, collecting and preparing food) . It’s opens like a book of short stories, and becomes the scene where courgettes are crocodiles in defense of a castle of bottles that are going to be attacked by soldiers of cheese cubes. In this way, food preparation allows a parent  to create with his son a moment of complicity where cooking and the telling of a story make alive the kitchen with fantastic attendances.

read about the contest : Fondazione Aldo Morelato

Year 2012
Competition / International competition “Aldo Morelato Foundation” of applied art in the furniture field The Significant Furniture
Prize / Winner Ex Aequo


La seconda stella-10

La seconda stella-11

La seconda stella-12© 2012 Giuseppe Bessero Belti